Free Workshop For Professional, Highly Sensitive, Ambitious Women

How To Conquer High Functioning Anxiety + Excel In Your Industry.

Tired of fighting against your anxiety as it stops you from showing up as the confident, self assured woman you want to be?

Does it feel like your brain is spiralling out of control and you can’t find the off switch?

Get the cheat sheet for bypassing your anxiety, procrastination  and overthinking so you can take impactful action in your profession WITHOUT the constant overwhelm!

In this 75 minute workshop...


I'm giving away my exact strategies, without the fluff, on how I stopped high functioning anxiety from dictating my quality of life, allowing me to make waves in my profession¬†and become a global thought leader, and internationally known author¬†(even when I didn‚Äôt ‚Äėfeel‚Äô good enough) WITHOUT over functioning.

The same strategies that are usually hidden behind the therapy door...

  • Secret 1
    The complete roadmap from frozen with anxiety, overthinking and stress, to focussed, confident and calm so you can dominate in your industry without breaking a sweat, and still have time for deep rest.
  • Secret 2
    The one thing holding you back from becoming a powerhouse in your career without the constant overwhelm, that no one is talking about, but every professionally successful AND personally content highly sensitive woman is doing. 
  • Secret 3
    The evidence based system I personally use to stop procrastination, avoidance and fear, so I can use my time efficiently and take effective action to complete daily tasks AND ambitious goals.     
  • PLUS...I'll be guiding you through a¬†powerful visualisation exercise¬†that will set you up for professional and personal success in 2024.

Wait!! There's more....

Join my FREE workshop and get early access to THE SANCTUARY. The newest free community within the Frozen To Fearless membership for ambitious highly sensitive women. 

This is your safe space outside of social media to connect with other high achieving, sensitive women, experiencing the same struggles + to support you with tools, tips and tricks to reduce anxiety, self doubt, overthinking and stress, so you can reach your full potential at work.



Dr Michaela Dunbar

As a Clinical Psychologist at My Easy Therapy I’ve dedicated myself to supporting women just like you ditch high functioning anxiety and confidently step into an awesome life and career, you would never trade.

I'm on a mission to support as many women as I can work through the debilitating symptoms that come with high functioning anxiety and imposter syndrome to step into the success they should have had a long time ago.  

Now grab your seat for this epic free training.